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Captain Jeff's Blog

Preparing for a New Season
Posted by Captain Jeff on Jan 18, 2012
Greetings from SW Florida where the winter weather has been above average.  Temps today were in the mid-70's with little humidity and sunny skies.  Calm seas made this first-of-the-new year a wonderful time on the water.  And... the fish cooperated as 6 above average sheepshead were brought to the boat on a shortened afternoon outing.  A great start.

I spent the morning practicing docking this 31 ft. charter boat.  Backing into a narrow slip with boats on both sides, dockside tourists watching, and confused pelicans swimming about made for a "hair-raising"  time, but proved quite entertaining to many.  Fortunately I'm getting more skillful at this.

I'll be fishing on the Gulf for the next four months but have prepared my Lake Michigan calendar.  I"ll begin in mid-May and plan to end my charter season again in mid-October.  In early June I'll close for a few days to enjoy my daughter's wedding.   Apart from that break you can count on me being available to accomodate your fishing plans. 

I've enjoyed each and every fishing trip these past seven years.  The friendships established through repeat customers is one of the benefits I experience. I thank you, sincerely, for your valued business.  

My rates for all trip offerings will remain similar to last year.  Please consider the package trips I introduced last season.  A number of clients took advantage of these offerings and remarked that they were very satisfied with the reduced pricing.  

Book early to ensure your trip availability and receive your charter discount
(reservations completed by April 1st receive 10% discount).

I look forward to the 2012 fishing season with heightened spirits.  I hope that you do too!

Capt. Jeff 
Change of Pace
Posted by Captain Jeff on Aug 10, 2011
Salmon interest has predominated my charter service this past month.  However, on Monday afternoon I took a three-generation team out on the bay in search of bass and perch.  These anglers had steadfast action which resulted in dinner for their family of 8.  A nice perch catch complimented three large bass and resulted in a flavorable supper.  In addition, many undersized perch were released this day.  It's great to see "keeper" size perch once more. 
Reunion Excitement
Posted by Captain Jeff on Jul 14, 2011
An evening trip came together quickly today.  Four relatives attending a large 57-member family reunion  in Fish Creek decided a few hours on the lake would compliment their festivities.  They were not disappointed and have plenty of salmon to share with guests at the cook-out.  Joe, the third, caught this mid-20lb. king and garners "bragging rights" with delight as noted by the great smile.  All enjoyed a beautiful sunset and comradire throughout the night. 

Holiday Happiness
Posted by Captain Jeff on Jul 3, 2011

Conditions on the lake this morning were terrific as Andrew and Melissa from Elmhurst, Illinois witnessed.  Amidst a beautiful sunrise, calm seas, and plenty of sunshine these happy anglers boated two good sized rainbow trout.   Bait and predators present last evening had moved away, and the inconsistency of action this season continues.  Despite these tough conditions these anglers enjoyed a great day of the water. 

Weather Improvement - Finally!
Posted by Captain Jeff on Jun 14, 2011
Today's weather was terrific on the Bay of Green Bay.  I spent mid-morning and early afternoon with Moe and Amanda Hoseny  from Pine Island, Florida fishing for smallmouth bass around Fish Creek.  We couldn't get over how comfortable the conditions were today and how clear the water was.  Boat traffic was minimal and plenty of smallies were around throughout the day. 
It was a terrific outing and one that bears repeating.  Give a call if you'd like to share in the excitement.

Springtime Smallmouth Bass - WOW!
Posted by Captain Jeff on May 19, 2011

I arrived last Sunday from the warmth of Florida to the belated spring in Wisconsin.  Were we surprised to see how late the tree foliage and spring flowers were.  It was a real contrast from last season when spring in Door County was several weeks ahead.  But brrrr....... oh yea, hard to complain to those that might have spent winter in the north. 

Cool spring conditions meant one thing to me though - the possibility of great smallmouth fishing.  So today I took a good friend out in search of these great fighting fish.  The weather cooperated and the winds were down.  Overcast skies meant we didn't have to get out too early also. 

We had a great time boating and releasing these pre-spawn males.  Few other anglers (one boat) were fishing mid-week, and all we needed to do was wait for them to cruise by in search of feed in the warmer waters.  We provided the food source and they didn't disappoint us. 

No signs of emerging beds were seen, but the timeclock is ticking for this species.  I'll stop fishing when the beds emerge, but I've a hunch this bite will continue for a week to 10 days. 

Give a call if you want to hook up with these bronzebacks.  You won't be disappointed. 

Captain Jeff

Busy Winter Activity
Posted by Captain Jeff on Apr 16, 2011
Five weeks have passed since my last entry.  Hard to believe the charter season has been that good in reference to last year's oil spill.  However, two-a-day trips since February has been th mode of operation. 

Mike Huxel, from Kansas City, got acquainted with the excellent action on Marco Island this week.  Alone he boated several sharks, large Goliath Grouper, King and Spanish Mackerel, and an unexpectant sea trout.  He ahd a the time of his life he stated. 

Enjoy some pics from Mike's charter and stay tuned for further updates. 

Fish On,
Continued Anticipation
Posted by Captain Jeff on Feb 18, 2011
It's been another week of great weather with temps reaching the high 70's during the day and warming evenings as well.  A full moon this evening has resulted in extreme tidal patterns recently.  As such, bottom fishing has been challenging and fish brought to the boat have been running on the short side.  It is during this time that we anticipate fishing the pass to the Gulf in search of whiting, trout, mackerel, and hopefully - pompano.  It is also a time when action for bonnet sharks and catfish can be expected as last resort. 
In the past two days we have conservatively caught and released over 100 of these sharks - fun for any angler!

Here is a photo of a satisfied fisherman with a cooler of sheepshead; more than enough for the group's grill.  I'll try to gather a few shark pictures for entry into the next blog.  Stay tuned.
Sheepshead: winter fishing on Marco Island
Posted by Captain Jeff on Feb 8, 2011
Thought you'd enjoy viewing a few pictures of the main attraction around these Marco Island waters.   These fish are delicious to eat as their main forage base are crustaceans (clams, mussels, shrimp, barnacles, etc.).  As such, there meat is very sweet, and they have teeth placement comparable to sheep from which I suspect they were named.  Young fish have quite balanced tooth placement whereas older fish often have missing or bent molars.  It's a hard life on these local reefs. 

Sheepshead are difficult to catch as they possess a very hard palate.  Anglers experience a very light bite as they often grind their way toward the hook.  They are experienced bait stealers also, and combined with their coloration result in the nickname "Convict Fish". 

Water temps are presently nearing 70 degrees which is generally known as the "breakout" temperature for the baitfish and sport fish to appear in these waters.  We have already caught a few spanish mackerel, and the reports from southern ports is that they are being brought to the dock in numbers.  So,... stay tuned for better action to come!   I can't wait.

Shelling Kice Island
Posted by Captain Jeff on Jan 24, 2011
Cooler temperatures have resulted in the charter fleet being left at the marina docks.  This has provided the opportunity for Linda, Angela (my daughter who is visiting the island for a few days), and I to make a break for shells on Kice Island, a private sandy beach popular for shellers who can arrive by boat.  As expected, we were the only people on the island this afternoon.  A great blue heron and nearshore dolphins and sea turtles provided the only signs of life in our vicinity.  How peaceful was the afternoon on the island and the quiet ride back to Marco Island. 
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